Should You Pick Me?

I hope you choose me to be your photographer, but only for the right reasons.

Don’t hire me because you’re working through a wedding checklist, or you just need a family Christmas card portrait to impress your relatives. Hire me because you want me to capture candid moments, real laughter, and genuine emotion. I’ll happily pose you and take a traditional “smile at me” portrait… but my favorites are the ones you don’t know I’m watching for: the anxious giggles, stolen kisses, and sibling banter in-between all that posing.

Don’t hire me if you don’t love the style of my work. Please browse through my galleries and blog posts before you contact me. I shoot in a way that features vibrant colors and crisp contrast. Sometimes I play with sunflare, sometimes I play with silhouettes, but I’ll never play with the current vintage trend (muted colors, “film style”, etc). I put my heart into everything I do. As such, my style is what it is; I can’t change it!

Don’t hire me if you’re a very serious person, because I’m not. I laugh (a lot) and I’m pretty good at getting you to laugh with me. Bonus points if you’re already awkward to begin with – that’s my favorite. Of course I’m always professional, but if you’re looking for a photographer who is quite formal/traditional… then we probably aren’t a good match.

I’m not for everyone, and that’s okay :)

rebeccalr_0027Me by my friend Cassandra Henri Photography

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